Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank you Veterans. We are grateful for our freedom and your sacrifices.

Today as we honor veterans from all conflicts I am thankful for the sacrifices they made so that my family and I can live in a free country and enjoy the liberties they fought so hard to attain and preserve.

I can think of numerous books that portray the honorable life of the service man and woman.  One that comes to mind is a new book released just a few weeks ago in time for Veterans Day that is actually a children's book, but a great look at the different aspects of World War II:

World War II by Peter Chrisp 

From the children in bombed-out cities who were evacuated to the countryside, to the civilians working in munition factories, and the soldiers fighting on land, sea, and air, this book provides an incredible overview of this momentous time in our history. Learn how the war led to advances in technology, medicine, and weaponry, along with special features including life inside a U-boat and spy techniques. A dynamic design and full-color illustrations throughout help readers imagine what it was like for the brave men, women, and children who lived, and died, during World War II.

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