Wednesday, August 31, 2011

James Patterson - Kill Me If You Can

Kill Me If You Can - James Patterson

Matthew Bannon, a poor art student living in New York City, finds a duffel bag filled with diamonds during a chaotic attack at Grand Central Station. Plans for a worry-free life with his gorgeous girlfriend Katherine fill his thoughts--until he realizes that he is being hunted, and that whoever is after him won't stop until they have reclaimed the diamonds and exacted their revenge.

Trailing him is the Ghost, the world's greatest assassin, who has just pulled off his most high-profile hit: killing Walter Zelvas, a top member of the international Diamond Syndicate. There's only one small problem: the diamonds he was supposed to retrieve from Zelvas are missing. Now, the Ghost is on Bannon's trail--but so is a rival assassin who would like nothing more than to make the Ghost disappear forever. Here comes a high-speed, high-stakes, winner-take-all thrill ride of adrenaline-fueled suspense.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Sookie Stackhouse

The Sookie Stackhouse Companion by Charlaine Harris

The #1 "New York Times" bestselling author presents the definitive guide to the world of Sookie Stackhouse.
Charlaine Harris has topped the bestseller charts and has become a nationwide phenomenon, thanks to the unconventional-and otherworldly- life of Sookie Stackhouse. Now, in her own words, Sookie gives readers a look at her family, friends, enemies, and adventures ...
Readers will:
  • Tour Bon Temps, the small Louisiana town that Sookie calls home, and visit the houses of her Gran and Bill
  • Prowl around the werewolf and were-panther communities
  • Browse through her best friend Tara's dress shop
  • Get must-have Bon Temps recipes-including Caroline Bellfleur's famous chocolate cheesecake
  • Test themselves with trivia questions from the series

Monday, August 29, 2011

Clay Rice in Hartsville in September

We can't wait to welcome Clay Rice back to the bookstore on September 12th.  This will be his 3rd visit in three years and it's always so much fun to see the childrens' fascination with his spinning toys while he cuts their silhouette.  Various packages are available and his visit is by appointment only.  So make sure you call today to schedule yours - 843-332-2511.  A video about his book Lonely Shadow can be found at this link.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sandra Brown, Clive Cussler, Sharon Draper, Max Lucado, Debbie Macomber, James Patterson, J D Robb, Stuart Woods

The following author have books due out in September, and guess what. . . if you pre-order and pay for any of these titles by August 31st you can save 25% off of the retail price.  Why don't you give us a call today and save big bucks on some big authors?

Sandra Brown
Clive Cussler
Sharon Draper
Max Lucado
Debbie Macomber
James Patterson
J D Robb
Stuart Woods

Follow this link for more information!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kathy Reichs on the Today Show

Thursday, August 25th, Kathy Reichs will be on the Today Show
promoting her new book Flash and Bones

Just as 200,000 fans are pouring into town for Race Week, a body is found in a barrel of asphalt next to the Charlotte Motor Speedway. The next day, a NASCAR crew member comes to Temperance Brennan's office at the Mecklenburg County Medical Examiner to share a devastating story. Twelve years earlier, Wayne Gamble's sister, Cindi, then a high school senior and aspiring racer, disappeared along with her boyfriend, Cale Lovette. Lovette kept company with a group of right-wing extremists known as the Patriot Posse. Could the body be Cindi's? Or Cale's?

At the time of their disappearance, the FBI joined the investigation, only to terminate it weeks later. Was there a cover-up? As Tempe juggles multiple theories, the discovery of a strange, deadly substance in the barrel alongside the body throws everything into question. Then an employee of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention goes missing during Race Week. Tempe can't overlook the coincidence. Was this man using his lab chemicals for murder? Or is the explanation even more sinister? What other secrets lurk behind the festive veneer of Race Week?

A turbocharged story of secrets and murder unfolds in this, the fourteenth thrilling novel in Reichs's "cleverly plotted and expertly maintained series" ("The New York Times Book Review"). With the smash hit "Bones "about to enter its seventh season and in full syndication--and her most recent novel, "Spider Bones, "an instant "New York Times "bestseller--Kathy Reichs is at the top of her game.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Does it Brighten Your Day to Get a Call From Burry Bookstore?

We appreciate so much the kind comments customers make about their shopping experiences. 

Here is what Johnny Andrews has to say:

"My visits to Burry Bookstore are always enjoyable on many levels. Burry's staff is friendly, well-informed, and helpful in so many ways. Being greeted by name and a smile means my shopping experience is off to a good start. Often I am directed to new books of local interest or history (passions of mine). Other times whenever I place an order for a book I am promptly notified when it arrives. After a long day at work, all it takes to brighten my outlook is a message from Burry's announcing that the book I ordered has arrived. I must admit that I often take advantage of Burry's offer to gift wrap presents I purchase there. Being challenged in that respect, I know that my gifts will be professionally wrapped at no extra charge. Most importantly, Burry Bookstore has a vested interest in my hometown, Hartsville. The success of our community is built on the shoulders of dozens of independent stores in our downtown area. For two generations the Burry and Phillips families have believed in and contributed to the quality of life in our fair city by investing in Downtown Hartsville. Thank you."

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

$900.00 in discounts given away so far this month

We have given away over $900.00 in discounts to our customers so far during the month of August.

Are you getting in on these savings?  If you're a member of our Super Shopper Club you are!

You save 25% on hardcover bestsellers on the NYT list and Christian Bestseller. 

You save 20% on all other adult hardcovers.

You save 10% on everything else.

In October we'll be having another Super Shopper Club sale where all members will receive 25% OFF all in stock regularly priced merchandise.

Don't miss these savings!  Join today!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Need a Foreign Language Dictionary?

Taking a foreign language class?  As high school students in our area start back to school this week their foreign language teachers are encouraging them to pick up a dictionary to keep handy during class and as they do their homework.  We have plenty on hand - Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Russian.  You name it - we've got it.  If we don't we'll be glad to order it for you!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Murder and Mayhem - around here????

You don't want to miss Miles Gardner this Friday afternoon at Burry Bookstore.

He will be here from 4:00 until 5:30 pm on Friday, August 19th signing copies of:
Murder and Mayhem in Old Kershaw and in Nearby Sections of Lancaster, Kershaw and Chesterfield Counties
Further Tales of Murder and Mayhem in Lancaster, Kershaw and Chesterfield Counties

Who knows, you might know someone featured - better check the index in the back of each book!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Magic Tree House Dogs in the Dead of Night

Magic Tree House #46 - Dogs in the Dead of Night - Mary Pope Osborne

Beware of avalanches!

When the magic tree house whisks Jack and Annie back in time to the highest pass in the Swiss Alps, they discover an ancient monastery filled with monks and Saint Bernard dogs. Annie can't resist offering to train a wild young dog named Barry. Will Barry lead Jack and Annie to the mysterious flower they need to save a friend's life? Or will he only lead them into danger? Before the night is over, Jack and Annie will be forced to use some crazy magic! Join everyone's favorite brother and sister duo on an adventure that is scary and magical, and more fun than they've ever had!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WEB Griffin fans - new book out this week!

Victory and Honor - WEB Griffin

Wars come to an end. But then new ones begin. Just weeks after Hitler's suicide, Cletus Frade and his colleagues in the OSS find themselves up to their necks in battles every bit as fierce as the ones just ended. The first is political-the very survival of the OSS, with every department from Treasury to War to the FBI grabbing for its covert agents and assets. The second is on a much grander scale-the possible next world war, against Joe Stalin and his voracious ambitions. To get a jump on the latter, Frade has been conducting a secret operation, one of great daring-and great danger-but to conduct it and not be discovered, he and his men must walk a perilously dark line. One slip, and everyone becomes a casualty of war.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Julie Garwood Novel Set in South Carolina

The Ideal Man - Julie Garwood

Dr. Ellie Sullivan has just completed her residency at a large urban hospital. While jogging in a park nearby, she witnesses the shooting of an FBI agent in pursuit of wanted criminals, a couple identified as the Landrys. The only person to see the shooter's face, Ellie is suddenly at the center of a criminal investigation.

Agent Max Daniels takes over the Landry case. A no-nonsense lawman, he's definitely not the ideal man that Ellie has always imagined, yet she's attracted to him in a way she can't explain.

Ellie heads home to Winston Falls, South Carolina, to attend her sister's wedding. Shortly after she arrives, though, she receives a surprise visitor: Max Daniels. The Landrys have been captured, and she'll be called to testify. But they've been captured before, and each time the witnesses are scared into silence-or disappear before they can take the stand. Max vows to be Ellie's shadow until the trial, and it isn't long before sparks fly.