Thursday, February 10, 2011

Have you seen the "Why Burry's" page on our website?

The "Why Burry's" page of our website has comments from a variety of customers as to why they choose to shop at Burry Bookstore.  How about you?

Here is why Cindy Dempsey shops with us - she even uses our online shopping! 

"Reading is my passion and what a blessing it is to have this wonderful and unique bookstore in my hometown. Their service is above and beyond what you find anywhere else – always a warm welcome and ready to help you. I decided to use their online services last week. It was easy and I will use the online ordering again for convenience. Still, it doesn’t take the place of the warmth you feel when you visit the store. Burry Bookstore is part of the fiber of Hartsville. Thanks, Emily and staff, for your dedication to service and quality."

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