Friday, December 16, 2011

Light in the Night at Burry Bookstore

"When you feel scared in the dark or at night,
Squeeze my tummy to light up my light."

Here is how it all began in the words of author Sandy Murphy:

"In only one month my son would become a big brother for the first time. There were plenty of adjustments awaiting him, and leaving his crib to make room for my second child was one of them. It was time to move to the "big" bed.

In truth it was probably harder on me than it was on him (after all, I was pregnant). As I peeked in on his small sleeping frame in that big bed all alone, he looked so small and scared. I felt my eyes well up, and I wished I could give him something that would light up the room and chase away any of his night time fears. Determinedly, I set out to create for him a friend who would do exactly that; and in one sleepless night. A Light in the Night was born.

Since then, A Light in the Night has become a member of the family. Both of our children are now genuinely excited when bedtime rolls around. They know they have a pal waiting for them in the dark, and my husband and I love watching them interact with their bedtime buddy who has brought so much comfort-not to mention joy-to our lives.

It is truly an amazing gift to see first-hand what a mother's heart can give her child(ren). My hope is that every parent or caregiver will experience the wonder I felt by giving their little one(s) a friend who can chase away childhood fears with a magical green glow. I am happy to share A Light in the Night with you and those you love."

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