Wednesday, March 14, 2012

SWAG - Southern Women Aging Gracefully by Melinda Rainey Thompson

Do you need a good laugh today? 

Melinda Rainey Thompson's SWAG will do the trick!

SWAG started as a lark when Melinda Rainey Thompson began a monthly mailing of her humorous essays about ordinary events from a Southern woman's perspective. Over several years, her subscription list grew to nearly 5,000 people in 28 states. Ranging from swimsuit shopping to squirrel battling, from magnolia theft to cemetery etiquette, Melinda Rainey Thompson’s delightful essays and clever lists reflect the everyday peculiarities of life in the South.

Ten Ways to Know if You’re a SWAG

  1. You feel the urge to bake a pound cake after reading the obituaries.
  2. You have had professional photographs made of your children barefoot and dressed in their Sunday clothes.
  3. You’d rather have a fight with your husband than with your best friend.
  4. You have stolen magnolia leaves, or you know someone who has.
  5. You have monogrammed the middle of your shower curtain.
  6. You could live without Yankees who equate your Southern accent with a low IQ.
  7. You know better than to eat the potato salad at a family reunion.
  8. You are socially conditioned to believe that tanned fat looks better than white fat.
  9. Your children hide their Easter baskets and Valentine’s Day candy from you just in case you have a dieting lapse.
  10. You believe that cocktail dresses do not double as church clothes.

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