Monday, August 13, 2012

What to do when you can't fall asleep?

What do you do when you can't fall asleep?  milk and cookies?  count sheep?  surf the internet?  browse on facebook?

Karina Wolf is a lifelong insomniac and a debut picture book author. Karina studied literature and film in New York, Paris and Dublin, and she works in television and film production. She lives in Manhattan with her dogs, Luca and Barry Manilow.

The wonder of nighttime comes to life in this breathtaking debut.  When the Insomniacs move twelve time zones away for Mrs. Insomniac's new job, the family has an impossible time adapting to the change. They try everything to fall asleep at night--take hot baths, count to one thousand, sip mugs of milk--but nothing helps. Venturing out into the dark, they learn there is a whole world still awake and a beauty in their new and unconventional schedule.

Ideal for bedtime reading, this gorgeous and lyrical story celebrates nighttime's mystery and magic.

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