Thursday, May 23, 2013

New York Times Bestsellers

Each week the New York Times updates their Bestseller list and we update with it. We keep the top 15 from the hardcover fiction and nonfiction lists and paperback fiction and nonfiction lists. Here are some that have been on the list for weeks on end.


15 weeks

The Supreme Court justice recalls growing up in the Bronx,
attending Princeton and becoming a federal judge.

49 Weeks
A woman disappears on her fifth anniversary; is her husband a killer?
46 Weeks

An "oral history" of an imagined Zombie War that nearly destroys civilization.
71 Weeks

A man tells of his encounters with a mysterious figure who has given
him a series of messages that hold the secret of America's future.
101 Weeks

Why some people succeed.
114 Weeks

A woman's cancer cells were cultured with out her permission in 1951.
130 Weeks

A boy's encounter with Jesus and the angels.
252 Weeks

In this fable, a Spanish shepherd boy ventures to Egypt in search of treasure and his destiny


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