Thursday, January 20, 2011

Customers are Talking!

Here are some recent comments customers made about Burry Bookstore.  Thanks, Kathy, David, and Catherine!

"What a wonderful town and pleasure it is to live in Hartsville!  Among all the amenities is our very own Burry Bookstore!  It is so great to come here to shop and to be greeted by clerks who are always smiling and know you by name, eager to help you with cards, books and gifts.  I totally support “our” bookstore in Hartsville." - Kathy McCall

"I've been shopping at Burry's so long it is like family when I enter with Lynn always letting me know about books that may catch my interest. Just lately she remembered that I like Archibald Rutledge and as a result of her suggestion I bought this book which I have enjoyed over the Holidays. She also ordered a special Bible of which only four were found and she was able to get it here in just a few days. She also suggested that I have it engraved, which she did right there in the store with a variety of lettering styles within 24 hours. My wife was very pleased receiving that on Christmas morning. Lynn and the staff know that I read to my children at bedtime and they always keep me informed of new authors and books that they know are suitable for my children and what subjects and style they like. My mother shops there often also so the whole family has benefited from the store for many years. Thanks, Emily, for always keeping the store in a friendly family atmosphere. See you soon." - David Moyd
"One of my most treasured gifts came today in the way of a gift certificate to Burry's. I love shopping there and I love the convenience of being able to shop via E-mail with Burry. I especially enjoy the Book Signing Luncheons and have attended many of them. I love the ladies who serve me when I go in...always greeting me with a 'hello Catherine'....always willing to help me find the book or books or any other item I am looking for. I would venture to say that Burry Bookstore is one of my very favorite places to shop in Hartsville. Many of the gifts I give throughout the year come from Burry's."- Catherine Pate

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