Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Burry's Makes Hartsville Feel Like Home - Oh We Love To Hear That!

We enjoy hearing comments from our customers about why they like to shop at Burry's.  Here is what Tonya Rainey recently told us:
"I have enjoyed shopping at Burry Book Store since we moved here, from Atlanta, in 2000.  To find such a delightful book shop in the heart of downtown only adds to the charm of Hartsville.  The store staff are always welcoming, friendly and helpful.  Most often the book I am looking for is right on the shelf.  If not, the order process is always simple and quick. The opportunities provided by the author's luncheons and childrens' readings further enrich our community.  For me,  Burry's is part of what makes Hartsville feel like home."

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