Thursday, August 18, 2011

Does it Brighten Your Day to Get a Call From Burry Bookstore?

We appreciate so much the kind comments customers make about their shopping experiences. 

Here is what Johnny Andrews has to say:

"My visits to Burry Bookstore are always enjoyable on many levels. Burry's staff is friendly, well-informed, and helpful in so many ways. Being greeted by name and a smile means my shopping experience is off to a good start. Often I am directed to new books of local interest or history (passions of mine). Other times whenever I place an order for a book I am promptly notified when it arrives. After a long day at work, all it takes to brighten my outlook is a message from Burry's announcing that the book I ordered has arrived. I must admit that I often take advantage of Burry's offer to gift wrap presents I purchase there. Being challenged in that respect, I know that my gifts will be professionally wrapped at no extra charge. Most importantly, Burry Bookstore has a vested interest in my hometown, Hartsville. The success of our community is built on the shoulders of dozens of independent stores in our downtown area. For two generations the Burry and Phillips families have believed in and contributed to the quality of life in our fair city by investing in Downtown Hartsville. Thank you."

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