Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sherman Carmichael promotes his new book Legends and Lore of South Carolina

Sherman Carmichael has been traveling throughout the state to promote his new book Legends and Lore of South Carolina that was released at the end of July.  I spoke to Sherman by phone a few weeks ago, but we weren't able to coordinate a date that would bring him to Hartsville.

Carmichael, born in Hemingway and now a Johnsonville resident, spent 30 years as a photographer and 23 years in law enforcement.  He researches and writes about legends, folklore and the unexplained in South Carolina. He is also the author of Forgotten Tales of South Carolina.

This new collection of 80 strange and unusual South Carolina legends is rooted in the state’s deep history. Certain places hold secrets from different eras, including White Wolf Road in Blacksburg and the state’s numerous historic cemeteries, like the one at Salem Black River Church in Mayesville. These pages also contain simple explanations for local lore, like the Gullah tradition behind blue bottle trees that still decorate Carolina gardens today.

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