Thursday, December 13, 2012

What Do You Like Best About Your E-Reader?

The Kobo Mini - $79.99

The Kobo Glo - $129.99

These are the two e-readers we are selling.  I have the Kobo Glo.  It's going to take some time for me to get used to not holding a book!

The two things I have found that I like best about e-reading is the light on the Glo that allows me to read in the car when it's dark, as well as after I've gone to bed and turned out the lights.  That way I'm not disturbing anyone else!  I also like being able to swipe a page quickly while using the elliptical to exercise rather than having to hold a book up and turn the pages!

I am excited that we are able to offer to our customers who do like e-reading the option to do that while supporting Burry Bookstore.  We've not been able to compete with the "big guys" up to this point, so we are asking you to register with our e-book partner, Kobo books, through the affiliate link on our website and start supporting us!  For Burry Bookstore to receive credit for your purchases, you must register with Kobo through the link on our website.  After you do that, all of your purchases will be associated with Burry Bookstore, so you will be keeping your shopping dollars in downtown Hartsville, South Carolina!

If you already have an e-reading device, that's okay too!  Kobo offers free apps that can be downloaded on your IPad, IPhone, Android Phone, and other tablets.  Get started today! 

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