Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Breath of Fresh Air

It means a lot to know that customers appreciate and enjoy shopping at Burry's.  Do you have a time you especially remember or a favorite story to tell about Burry's?  

Email us and tell us about it!

Here's what Carol Bryant has to say about shopping at Burry's:
"Entering Burry Book Store is like a breath of fresh air.  You are always greeted by a friendly and smiling sales lady who ALWAYS asks "how are you" and calls you by name. The ladies in Burry's truly care about each person that enters their store and will help them in any way they can.  If they don't have what someone needs, they will suggest another store in Hartsville that they should try.  To me, this is going the extra mile for their customers.   Whether it is an all occasion card, a book, a gift  or personalized note cards, Emily and Lynn and All the Girls always make it a fun experience.  If I am not sure, I will ask their advice and they will give me their ideas and most of the time, they point things out that I had not even thought about.  They All are Great and my trips to Burry's are very frequent  and for whatever reason if I don't go in Burry's for several days, the next time I do go, Lynn will say, where have you been-"we have missed you"-Now how many places can you go anywhere and have that kind of personal attention?

I just know in my heart that Mr. Charlie Burry (whom I loved dearly) is still smiling down on all of us because Emily is continuing "The Burry Tradition" in the same way he did for many years.  The City of Hartsville is so lucky to have Burry Book Store.  It truly is a wonderful asset to the City and I am proud that I have been able to shop there for many years.

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