Friday, April 29, 2011

Why do you choose Burry's?

Author, educator, friend, and loyal customer Sara Odom has this to say about her shopping experiences at Burry's:

"Hartsville is fortunate to have its very own bookstore, owned, operated and managed by a native of Hartsville!  Sometimes we don't realize just how fortunate we are to have someone who is vested in Hartsville in a huge way.  Across the United States, bookstores are rapidly finding themselves in bankruptcy, as the Internet has taken much of the local business. 
            Burry Bookstore continues to provide wonderful opportunities for our citizens, opportunities that we certainly don't want to lose.   From hosting bestselling authors (and encouraging new authors like me) and providing special events like Mrs. Kit and Ashley the Magician to providing clubs and other organizations support in their every endeavor,   Emily and her staff at Burry's are one of Hartsville's treasures."   

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