Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Special K Challenge!

The Special K Challenge and Beyond: Your Complete Guide to Weight Management, Healthy Living & Delicious Cooking

This book is the complete, easy and friendly guide to taking the Special K Challenge, weight management, healthy living, and delicious cooking. Backed by the household name of Kelloggs. Millions of women participate in the Special K Challenge and look for delicious ideas for "the third meal" and beyond. Created under the guidance of expert dietitians and Special K brand experts who intimately understand their audience's needs, the book rounds out the promise of The Special K Challenge with a complete, wide-ranging guide to weight management. It includes great recipes and menu ideas for the "third meal" and supportive strategies for succeeding at The Challenge.

- Provides expert, easy-to-understand information on every aspect of a healthy lifestyle, including nutrition basics, safe and steady long-term weight loss and maintenance, exercise, and well being
- Tips for cooking healthy and delicious meals, snacking strategies, and motivation and support.
- Interactive elements help build an all-important sense of community
- Chock full of quizzes, sidebars, charts, and fill-in journal pages to personalize the book for each reader.

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