Friday, July 15, 2011

Some of you have been around for awhile!

Are you a new customer of Burry's, just discovering us, or have you been around for awhile?
Who remembers Imogene, Jo Ann, and Cheri?

Now we have Lynn, Elise, Janet, Sue, Elaine and Kit helping you with whatever it is you might be looking for. 

If you're a new customer, how did you discover us?

If you're a golden oldie, tell us why you continue to shop at Burry's.

Here is what Libby Bannister had to say:

"My family has been shopping at Burry Bookstore for years for a variety of reasons.  When my children were small I shopped for books and gift items for them.  Now that I am a grandmother/babysitter I still enjoy the children's section immensely. However, my shopping time is very limited and Burry's always tries to help by wrapping things and having them ready so I can run in quickly and pick them up in between caring for grandchildren.  As my children have grown up my oldest daughter orders books that she needs for teaching at Mayo and I had a great experience ordering my youngest daughter's wedding invitations and informal notes a few years ago from Burry's.  By being a member of the Super Shopper Club I save quite a bit on my purchases, particularly at Christmas when I do something a bit different for the members of my family and close friends.  I select one children's Christmas book and order a large quantity for these special people.  The ladies at Burry's gift wrap them for free, I get a discount as a club member, and am supporting my community, all at the same time.  Why would I shop anywhere else?"

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